A finger to the future? eBay’s toe curling arrogance…

Such was my reaction on sight of this story, tweeted by The Drum on 8th December: Firstly to be clear, and as a healthy number of our clients will testify: our agency values and embraces programmatic trading in the digital sphere. In truth, eBay’s move is coming embarrassingly late and their catch-up approach has a… Read more »

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On 25th November 2014 we launched our latest digital incarnation: @TMS12_News, on twitter. You can follow us now. In the first tweet, we noted that our fledgling could well be twitter’s 500,000,001st account. A marker of sorts, “but so what?” you may well ask. “So a lot!” is what our experiment in B2B social marketing… Read more »

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News UK Neuroscience Study Dispels The Tablet Vs Print Consumption Myth

Seriously, whatever next… Father Christmas doesn’t exist? New research from News UK Commercial has revealed that editorial content and advertising in the tablet edition of The Times newspaper is delivering the same levels of ‘engagement and memorability’ as the print version. The independent neuroscience research project, conducted by Neuro Insight and Decode Implicit Marketing, was designed… Read more »

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Would you pay to use an Ad. free internet?

Simple mathematics show that an Ad. free internet would cost each person in the UK £140 a year. This calculation is based on dividing the amount spent on online advertising (£6.4bn per year) by the number of UK internet users (45 million people). When asked whether they would pay for an ad-free internet, 98% of… Read more »

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Is there a future left for print media?

The latest ABC’s show again drops in circulation across the board which only a handful increasing – it’s a cause of celebration if circulations have increased by 1% – hard times indeed. The recent years have been marked by various technological developments such as smartphones, smart TV’s, tablets, and e-books just to name a few…. Read more »

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The Power of Television Advertising

As we start to come out of one of the worst recessions in modern history there is no doubt that is has had a major effect on advertising budgets, which have been on constant scrutiny and pressure to ensure that any expenditure can provide a payback in real terms. Thinkbox the Marketing Body for Commercial… Read more »

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Consumer Magazines – Don’t believe the hype

It might surprise you to hear that UK magazine industry is worth £5bn to the UK economy, or that in the last year and a half alone there have been more than 67 magazine launches in the UK.   One of which Porter magazine carries a cover price of a whopping £5. Did you know more… Read more »

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Smart Consumers

Recent industry findings show that although emerging screen-based technologies are changing the way the UK population communicates and consume media, traditional methods remain strong. Did you know almost half of consumers (48%) now own a smartphone, while over a quarter (27%) own and tablet and 38% either own one or have the use of one… Read more »

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Growth in advertising spend

By John Alligan It’s predicted that in 2014 advertising spend could grow by 5.3%. Growth that is a barometer for the rest of the UK economy with Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive of the Advertising Association stating “Economists take note , ad spend is more than a bellwether – it has been shown to drive GDP… Read more »

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“When the shoe fits” – Edicts 1 and 2

By Richard Huglin Why Well Healed Advertisers Can’t Do Without Well Healed Media Buying Agencies Very recently one of our highest profile clients requested an update on a leading food website. There’s nothing unusual about that – our client has a vested interest in culinary matters, and leading food websites are the haute cuisine to the… Read more »

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