Condé Naste (US) targets 28% Ad revenue drop in radical 5 year plan

5 core growth areas identified Video Creative services Consumer revenue Data licensing Events In a major sign of the times, Condé Naste has announced plans to diversify its legacy magazines’ revenues away from print advertising in a bold move to drive profitability. CEO Bob Sauerberg has his work cut out for him: in his plans,… Read more »

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VOD Wars!!

Will YouTube’s newest brand safety shocker prove an opportunity for ITV? In the wake of Mars pulling its advertising from YouTube after another brand safety blunder, analysts have said a new opportunity has arisen for ITV and other broadcasters to take a larger market share of VOD advertising. For the second time in as many… Read more »

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Big audience gains for commercial radio at BBC’s cost

Good news for commercial radio:  significant audience gains, all to BBC’s cost! Latest listening figs (Quarter 2 Rajar) show significant rises in commercial national stations and network audiences.  The big winners are Magic, Heart, Absolute, Capital  Xtra and Gold Network, all with healthy increases in weekly reach. It seems these gains have come from listeners… Read more »

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At the current rate of growth it is forecast that mobile will overtake TV in 2021. Fresh industry adspend forecasts, published 18thJune, show that by 2020 mobile advertising will account for 30.5% of global adspend, with anticipated growth of 21% per year, and market share being taken from almost all other media. That’s up 11.3%… Read more »

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The fight back begins: Ads with benefits in digital newspapers

In the first sortie since last month’s launch (June 18), developments sparked by the Ozone Project have inspired a new initiative led by Newsworks to demonstrate the edge and benefits that quality content environments can bring to online Ad campaigns. The new research reveals that quality online environments – where consumers have a deeper relationship… Read more »

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Netflix has become No.1 – in the US, what about the UK?

Research by Wall Street analysis company Cowen & Co has shown that Netflix is the most viewed channel in the US, with 27% of adults stating they used the service ‘most often’ to watch content.  20% state cable and 18% traditional broadcast. Is this a reflection of the quality of the major US networks’ programme… Read more »

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The OP (Ozone Project): To opt in or not to opt in? – that is the question! 

News media rivals’ joint competitive move is unprecedented  Unthinkable back in the day – there’s nothing like a common enemy to unite fierce rivals.This autumn the industry will enter unchartered waters with the launch of the Ozone Project, a bold joint digital sales initiative from these hitherto unlikely bed fellows:-  News UK:  The Sun and… Read more »

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May ABC Round-up – National Press Print Titles Continue to Decline

Having recently attended PAMCO launch conference I find the latest national press ABCs very telling.  Hearing key industry figures discuss the diverse way in which the British public now access their news means the inclusion of digital press in your media mix is the way of the world in 2018.   PAMCO will do much… Read more »

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Google sounds audio Ad blast – a challenge for commercial radio

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, its demand-side platform, now features programmatic audio ads that can be placed on Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Pandora, and Google Play Music. According to DoubleClick, 1.2 billion people will use a music streaming service by 2018 globally. The programmatic audio ads allow advertisers and agencies to reach online listeners across music and podcast… Read more »

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Facebook’s fight back

Facebook’s fight back In continuing efforts to restore public and advertisers’ trust in the wake of this year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal (notwithstanding the on-going impact of revelations re Russia’s funding of misinformation campaigns during the 2016 US presidential election), we welcome Facebook’s recent announcement of three new initiatives designed to combat the spread of false… Read more »

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