Is it time to Re-Evaluate Media? Recently published research suggests it is

Recently we blogged about a piece of research commissioned by the Radiocentre entitled ‘Re-Evaluating Media’ highlighting the major differences in the perceived effectiveness of traditional media. While my colleague focused on Radio and its undervalue in compared to other media channels (radio was one of the most ‘strikingly’ undervalued media channels – not entirely a… Read more »

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PAMCo – How the National Press Fared

This month has seen the release of the industry’s new audience measurement currency, PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers – the long awaited replacement to the National Readership Survey. For the first time publishers and advertisers can see audience delivery across all platforms (including phone, tablet, desktop and print) and trade accordingly. With enormous numbers… Read more »

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Youtube to launch Ads in Live TV viewing

Where the US leads the UK will follow… A year has passed since YouTube – and Hulu – debuted their live TV services across the pond, each  launching with full intent to sell Ads in live linear TV streams.  While neither platform has yet started selling Ads, both are expected to do so anytime soon. The… Read more »

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Record Ad Revenues for Radio!

…despite being undervalued in new industry study A recent Media study conducted by ebiquity shows that TV and radio are the strongest advertising media for brand building in the UK, followed by Newspapers, magazine and out of home. 116 senior decision-makers working for major brands and agencies were asked to rank 12 attributes of media… Read more »

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ITV Reaction to FB Controversy

AB deadline removed for April & May ITV has made a radical decision to remove AB deadline for the months of April and May, with this announcement – “We hope you see this as a great opportunity for all of your brands to start investing across these months or indeed increase their current investment to… Read more »

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All Change At FB

3rd party data dropped from FB’s Ad targeting program Fall out from the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to shake the digital Ad industry.  In a major move last week Facebook dropped 3rd party data from its Ad proposition by closing its Partner Categories program.   Powered by data companies like Epsilon and Acxiom, the program enabled… Read more »

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A Challenging time for TV Broadcasters – and for the UK!

Over the years the TV advertising market has often reflected the economic climate for the UK. Since the Brexit vote there are clear signs from this market that the UK economy is facing a challenging time. Prior to the Brexit vote in the first six months of 2016 we saw YoY increases in TV advertising… Read more »

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The gap between magazine print and mobile audiences is narrowing

The NRS Jan-Dec 2016 sample of 12 surveyed magazines are showing interesting results in readership across the different platforms of print/mobile/PC. While the majority of magazines are still enjoyed in their printed form, mobile continues to play a growing role in readership. 7 of the 12 surveyed magazine brands have a bigger print audience than… Read more »

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Programmatic media trading is much maligned – why do we persist? WHAT’S WRONG WITH PROGRAMMATIC TRADING? On 22nd Sep 1955 ITV was launched and Britain’s first TV commercial was broadcast at 8:12pm. Institutional sentiment was clear: advertisements on TV would never last. ITV and commercial television were doomed. Well, in 2017, the old adage remains… Read more »

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Beware the Ides of March! – what’s ahead in 2017?

As the great Bard famously scripted, “Beware the Ides of March”. For 2017, substitute ‘Ides’ with ‘triggering of Article 50’. It’s widely anticipated that the triggering will herald a new economic dip. Ad spend is sensitive to the economic cycle; ergo Ad spend is likely to suffer. In these conditions we envisage current shifts in… Read more »

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