Despite the weather TV still has pull!

On the back of a very hot summer that smacked of sizzling ‘76 (finally relegating that year’s landmark heatwave to the past; which I doubt would mean much to 2 generations at least!), TV continues to attract audiences across the board.

September shows a weekly commercial reach of over 90% for most demographics. Among younger groups (16-34’s and kids) figures were lower; this is not unusual and reach is very strong at 83.5% and 85.4% respectively in any one week.

There is also a shift in commercial TV’s traditional older, downmarket female bias: mens’ viewing is +6.45% over the last 10 years.

It is obvious that TV audiences are getting more fragmented and that younger viewers particularly are favouring alternative platforms and devices. Yet from the above data, it’s clear there is no other high impact medium able to match commercial TV’s rapid audience delivery build on a vast scale.

John Alligan

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