Ozone Layers Filling Up!

The Ozone bandwagon is growing; national
press sign-ups to digital Ad sales Project
Ozone form an impressive cast list –project ozone

Sept 2018 – new partners

  • Mirror (Reach)
  • Express (Reach)

June 2018 – inaugural partners

  • The Sun (News UK)
  • The Times (News UK)
  • The Telegraph
  • The Guardian

Huge Reach

42.5m adult reach per month: on par with Facebook

June’s announcement of Project Ozone was heralded as a paradigm shift for print media publishers in the UK. Rather than face the threat of the new digital giants alone, Project Ozone pioneers the way for press publishers to combine forces and begin fighting fire with fire.

In a war of numbers and big data, the biggest offerings gain the highest ground. On its launch the platform will offer a monthly reach of 42.5m adults net, putting it on par with Facebook. In this latest boost to sector unity the addition of Reach (publisher of the Mirror and Express newspapers) adds more weight, new targeting opportunities and greater credibility to the platform.

Those who don’t know any better might well ask where is the Mail in all this? The truth may well lie in this borrowed adage: one man’s sector unity is another man’s poison.

Now that autumn’s first signs are upon us we’ll look forward to updating you soon with details of the platform’s offering and its approach to Ad sales.

Richard Huglin

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