Reasons for UK newsbrands to be cheerful

Do sinking circulation trends spell doom and gloom for the national press? Knowing their ABC’s, the leading players have taken the warnings on board and have clear, calm waters in sight. After years in a spinning vortex, are better times ahead? What better time than the festive season to share their tidings of joy!

Despite the rise and rise of seemingly invincible forces (24/7 linear TV news, online news feeds, twitter, et al) key events of late mean it’s not all stormy weather ahead for the proud ship formerly known as Fleet Street. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of burnt wrappings of old fish and chips, fresh initiatives and a never ending resolve among the top mastheads give reasons-a-plenty for a brighter outlook.


Monetisation via stronger bonds with users are set to become ever more critical. As Chris Taylor, chief information officer of the Telegraph Media Group, says, “The idea of being able to secure long term sustainable value from anonymous scale has waned; very much on the rise in our mind is the idea of developing a direct relationship with the customer”.


Just like many other sectors, newsbrands’ development of digital content and its uses of complementary digital platforms will be critical. While print circulations will decline, the shift to digital brings new opportunities to grow and to rejuvenate user bases in the same process.

The future presents tough challenges for this sector: from where we sit, it’s clear that newsbrands will continue to fight back with challenging propositions, bringing fresh and compelling opportunities to their platforms, to agencies and to advertisers alike.


Reasons to be cheerful..

FB SCANDALS & FAKE NEWS …thank you, Mr. Trump!

  • Repeated and under hand abuses of FB (among an array of social media platforms) serve to increase the need for a credible, vociferous and independent free press.
  • Infamous, wide scale data breaches have brought FB’s role and stature into question. In contrast, the standing of the independent press rises.

AUGUST 2018 – a watershed month ?

  • Print Ad revenues for UK newsbrands increased for the first time in seven years.
  • FB’s value sunk by $bn’s in a kicking from Wall Street.

LAUNCH OF PAMCo – a real game changer

  • PAMCo replaces NRS. Finally!
  • Multi device and print usage and reach data for news brands – alongside a galaxy of print media – comes of age.
  • Launched in April ’18, PAMCo adds new dynamics and layers to integrated media planning.


  • Newsworks’ on-going planning tool is launched, showing how adstock (awareness) and PROI (profit return on investment) are maximised through efficient Ad spend in newsbrands.
  • This initiative answers advertisers’ complaints that so much industry econometrics are ‘all very well but they don’t apply to my category’. The odds are it does: P-for-P spans 30 categories and covers 86% of adspend.


  • For many years The Times stuck to its guns and has always charged for its online news, and in the end this has paid off.
  • The Guardian has maintained a free-model, but takes donations (very successfully).
  • The Telegraph has established that its registered users produce x5 the value compared to anonymous visitors re future revenue and long term return: expect to see more registration-first initiatives.
  • The idea for micro-payments – long mooted as a way to monetise casual users – is winning wide support. We eagerly await new developments!


  • The Mirror, Express, Sun, Times, Telegraph and Guardian joined forces this year in unprecedented move to trade pooled online Ad inventory.
  • Ozone’s combined 43m UK users puts the platform’s reach on par with the likes of FB.

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