2020 Ad revenue: The irresistible force of digital

Latest media spend projections from the AA/WARC show two very different pictures for media owners, depending on how their estates sit in relation to the digital divide:-


Growth in online media spend is over £3bn, dwarfing offline’s palty £120m

Stark reading for those media owners struggling to reap the benefits of optimum digital transition! 

Having said that, and assuming the data is soundly based,  for some with the vision to expand and monetise their digital imprint, the future looks bright:-

In contrast,  Ad revenues are set to fall in real terms for traditional print media:-

On a positive note, linear broadcast, out of home and cinema are set to hold their own:-

Ultimately there’s no getting away from the massive edge that the online giants have over the rest:-

These two categories account for an eye watering growth of £2.76bn! – or 87% of all media spend increase by 2020.

While it’s clear that traditional media owners are wise to the massive pull against them from the digital sector, they will need to accelerate their digital journeys at an unprecedented rate:  and that’s just to hold their ground.

Richard Huglin

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