4 Reasons To Increase Ad. Spend On Radio / Digital Audio

According to “The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising” a new report from MTM Research, advertisers and agency planners are fast re-assessing the strategic role of radio/digital audio.


Four key factors are driving investment in digital audio –

  1. increased podcast listening
  2. smart speakers and connected cars
  3. the rise of programmatic trading
  4. cross-platform targeting opportunities

Now, the value proposition and opportunities in digital audio are clearer, so too is the growing significance of digital audio in advertisers’ media strategies.


85% of UK advertisers are planning to increase their investment in digital audio over the next 12 months.

78% of 215 senior and mid-level executives from UK media agencies and brand owners expect to increase spend across music and digital radio this year.

75% of the respondents plan to increase spend across podcasts.

86% of advertising agency executives and 66% of brands also said they now see digital audio as a “key” part of media strategies, while the number of stand-alone digital audio campaigns is on the rise.


This year we have linked new effectiveness tracking to our key radio clients’ campaigns and we have driven a series of impressive results. There is a new depth of accountability in the radio and digital audio arena.

These are exciting times – new insights refresh our planning approach and are a life blood in our offering to clients.

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Richard Huglin

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